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the coaching you need to create the life of your dreams

personalized nutrition, lifestyle & performance coaching

All the pain in our lives can be our greatest opportunity for growth and transformation.

The problem is that we've been programmed to believe that the solutions to our pain, poor performance, or lack of purpose have to come from a source outside of ourselves.

The reality is that we all possess the innate capacity to heal and realize our full potential if we use the proper tools and develop the right mindset.

Total Life Transformation

made simple


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Get clear on your vision and what's holding you back


Create a step-by-step plan and take massive action

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Optimize your health and performance

Develop the skills & Mindset to turn any dream into reality

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Be a part of the community that's changing the world

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Unleash your power to create the life you deserve

Turn every challenge into an opportunity

Unlock limitless energy to pour into doing what you love

Learn the guidance of your soul to a life full of purpose. freedom and abundance

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Join the strongest team in the Midwest.


Get the programming and coaching you need to set new personal records and be a part of a team that is going to push you to be your best.


ALL-IN Results Coaching

What if I told you we could give you the tools and the mindset that will allow you to create anything you want in life?

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Optimal Results Coaching is for those that are ready to go ALL-IN on their dreams to transform themselves from the inside out.

What our clients have to say

Jessica Buzalksi

"I’m gaining confidence in myself again. I am slowly recovering from my injuries and I’m gaining strength again. Working out has become exciting again and I really enjoy learning new exercises as well as having someone lead me in the right direction."


Jackie Marquez

Optimal Evolution has taught me that it's okay to fail, it's just another challenge to overcome. It's been 8 months since I started my journey, i'm currently 97 lbs. My goal is to at least weigh 110 llbs. Since joining the optimal family, what I really love most is how quickly I felt apart of something. I'd never thought I’d be lifting weights or even competing in competitions! I've gained confidence, support, and a second family.

To me, working out has helped me cope with my own battles, I’ve never been comfortable speaking about. I've struggled with depression and especially being homesick, it's been 4 years since I moved from texas and for me that was a life changing experience.
I regret alot of things, but I will never regret joining the optimal family.

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Theresa Kubiak

I appreciate who you are and the imprint you've had on my life in the short period I've been working with you.

Thank for making my heart feel like it's beginning to fill again.

I didn't know happiness could feel like this.

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Our certified coaches have spent hundreds of hours condensing lifetimes of wisdom into a practical system that has helped countless people achieve extraordinary levels of health, performance, happiness, and success.


Founded by Nathan Barna and Taylor Baroth, Optimal Evolution was created as a response to seeing so many people misguided in their journey to better health and performance. We found that people were simply not addressing the root causes of their disease, poor health, or diminished performance. Through a holistic approach, we teach our clients how to create health, happiness, strength, and vitality in their lives so that they have the greatest opportunity to reach their dreams.

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no more excuses. take action now.