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Evolve With Us.

Weight lifting is only a fraction of what goes on within these walls. At Optimal Evolution, we unite scientific-based training methods and holistic practices to support our clients in making nourishing choices that support their goals and inspire a deeper relationship with Self.  


meet the team

Nathan Barna | Health Coach | Optimal Evolution | South Bend, IN
Taylor Baroth | Optimal Evolution | South Bend, IN

Nathan Barna |  HLC, IMS, USAW,  ACSM-CPT

Nathan Barna is a Strength Coach, CHEK Practitioner and Licensed Holistic Lifestyle Coach specializing in helping elite athletes optimize their health and performance. Nathan uses a variety of techniques and assessment protocols to identify mental, emotional, physical, and spiritual imbalances that are at the root of poor performance and then provides the tools, programming, and coaching to help these athletes grow through their challenges and reach their goals.

Taylor Baroth |  RN,  HLC, USAW

Taylor is a competitive weightlifter, Strength Coach, Registered Nurse and Licensed Holistic Lifestyle Coach through the Chek Institute. She is passionate about holistic wellness, women’s health, self-love and female empowerment.


She loves working with people in the gym who want to learn how to move correctly for every day life, strengthen their body for overall health and well-being, and those that want to get stronger and push their limits in strength sports.


Through her own health journey and ongoing studies, Taylor is also able to help her clients develop a healthy relationship with food and their bodies, address the root cause of their health challenges, heal their gut and hormone imbalances and build a strong body-mind to regain vitality in their life.






Proper nutrition and exercise are important, but they make up only a small portion of the day. Our coaches will assess what areas of your life are out of balance and help you create a plan to restore balance in your life. 

Get rid of the one-size-fits-all approach to nutrition. We help you create a customized nutrition program and teach you how to fine-tune your diet to match your lifestyle and meet your goals. 

From elite athletes to superstar parents, we teach you the fundamentals of proper movement and develop training programs to help you excel in sport and in life. 

Throughout the coaching process
we strive to make sure you know the reasons why we do the things we do. Our ultimate goal is to teach you how to create and maintain healthy habits so that you can take this practice with you wherever you go.


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"I’m gaining confidence in myself again. I am slowly recovering from my injuries and I’m gaining strength again. Working out has become exciting again and I really enjoy learning new exercises as well as having someone lead me in the right direction.

Jessica Buzalksi