Our Story

Founded by Nathan Barna and Taylor Baroth, Optimal Evolution was created as a response to seeing so many people misguided in their journey to better health and performance. We found that people were simply not addressing the root causes of their disease, poor health, or diminished performance.

Through a holistic approach, we teach our clients how to create health, happiness, strength, and vitality in their lives so that they have the greatest opportunity to reach their dreams. We treat each individual as a complete, integrated system, recognizing the synergistic effect that all body systems have on one another. We work with our clients to develop a relationship with their bodies so that they ultimately gain the power to be their own guiding force.

By optimizing and embracing our key principles, our clients are able to create a body that is capable of achieving the highest levels of human potential— physically, mentally, emotionally, and spiritually. Whether your dream is to be an elite athlete or to be the best parent, teacher, husband, or sister you can be, our goal is to guide you through your journey and help you discover your own Optimal Evolution.

Health, Love, and Strength,

Nathan Barna & Taylor Baroth Founders and CEOs

Our team


Nathan Barna


Nathan is an Athlete, Strength Coach, and a Licensed Holistic Lifestyle Coach. He has learned the same principles that help an athlete succeed at a high level are the same principles that can help every human become a stronger, healthier, happier version of him or herself. His mission is to use his skills to help others achieve their dreams through a practical, scientific, and integrative approach that addresses every human as a holistic system.


Taylor Baroth


Taylor is an athlete, Doula, Midwife’s Assistant, Registered  Nurse, and Licensed Holistic Lifestyle Coach. Throughout her experience in the conventional medical setting, she has learned that the best way to optimize health is by addressing the root cause of illness rather than relying on symptom-based treatments. She believes in teaching people how to take control of their own health by learning their bodies and understanding the ability we all have to diagnose and treat ourselves.