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What is your highest valure in life?

Is it happiness? Meaning? Freedom? Abundance? Family? Loyalty? Performance? Knowledge? Truth?

If you need some help figuring out what that is for you there's a few things you can try:

1. Check your bank account. We usually spend the most money on the things we value most.

2. See where and with whom you spend the most time and energy.

3. Take this free values assessment by Dr. John Demartini

Once you determine what your highest value(s) is, ask yourself these next questions:

Are my thoughts, words, and actions aligned with those values?

Are the values I'm living out ones that I chose for myself or ones that were programmed into me by my parents, society, school, religion, etc.?

Any gap within either of these questions is where I find the majority of "problems" in life stem from.

For example, if you value living in abundance and yet have a mindset of scarcity -- there's a gap.

If you value family and yet work a demanding job because you feel like you need to make a certain amount of money -- there's a gap.

If you value solitude and independence and yet feel isolated and lonely -- there's a gap.

So how do you close the gap?

First, get clear on your values and decide if those are the values you want to live.

Second, become aware of the stories, beliefs, thoughts, language, actions, and habits that are either reinforcing those values or widening the gap. This is where some outside help (such as a coach/therapist) can be helpful because it can be hard to catch our own blind spots if we haven't yet developed a strong enough capacity for objective awareness.

Third, practice creating new patterns of thought, word, and action that move you into closer alignment/harmony with those values.

Lastly, recognize that even the thought pattern of needing to solve problems in your life is a declaration that there are problems that need to be solved. The whole concept of a "problem" can be dropped if you don't choose to value solving problems. Even the idea that you have to try to do anything (or trying not to try) can be the seed of the challengers you may face.

All problems disappear when there are no problems to begin with.

Closing the gap can be as simple as stepping on to the other side and realizing that there was no gap to begin with; and therefore nothing needed to happen beyond a simple shift in perspective.

Get clear on your values, set your intention, and let what is be what is.

Talk soon,

Nathan "Problem-Solver" Barna

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Carnivore? Keto? Vegan? Paleo? Low Fat? High Protein?

How come there's so many different diets that all claim to have the right answers, yet obesity and chronic disease rates still continue to climb at an alarming rate?

I'm not saying that diet is the only factor, but the food we put into our bodies plays a critical role in our overall health.

Food can be your medicine or it can be your poison.

So what's the best diet?

While I'm not naive enough to tell you I know the exact foods, proportions, quantity, and quality that is going to be ideal for your body given your genetics and current circumstances in life; I am confident that I can provide the framework to help you easily begin to identify these things for yourself in a way that is repeatable and practical.

We're all as different on the inside as we are on the outside and we are all on our own unique life path. Given the fact that human beings have been shown to survive and thrive off a myriad of different diets, any diet that claims to be the one right way to eat is a huge red flag.

But what I do know is this:

From the moment you put something into your mouth to the time it completely leaves your system is about 54-72 hours on average. This is called your retention period.

Because of this, if you're eating the same things every single day you could potentially be overstimulating your immune system if you have sensitivities, intolerances, or allergies to those particular foods. In this way, even the "healthiest" foods can be problematic and lead to a number of different health issues.

The best way to identify what foods are problematic and make sure you're not overeating any one particular type of food, you want to allow the foods you eat to completely leave your system before you bring them back in.

To do this you can follow a 4-Day Rotation Diet.

Simply put, a 4-Day Rotation Diet is a protocol of only eating certain foods on a given day and then not eating those foods again until that day comes back around after four days. So you'll end up having four different days consisting of different foods on each day.

The beauty of this is that once you install the 4-Day Rotation Diet you'll easily begin to see what foods need to be eliminated as well as allow your digestive system to heal from inflammation caused by over exposure to certain problematic foods. You'll also be providing your body with a wider range of nutrition.

And once you start the rotation you can literally repeat the same rotation over and over again because you're allowing food to leave your system before eating it again, so each day is essentially a fresh start for your digestive and immune systems.

I have not met a single person that properly implemented the 4-Day Rotation Diet that hasn't seen amazing results in their body composition and overall health.

If you want a further breakdown of what a 4-Day Rotation Diet, why it's important, and how to implement it, check out my recent video I released on Instagram.

If you want some personalized assistance to put your own rotation diet together, reply to this email or schedule a call and I'd be happy to support you.

Talk soon,

Nathan "No-Diet Diet" Barna

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I'll get started tomorrow...

Maybe I'll get started next week...

Next month things will settle down and I'll get started then...

This year just hasn't been good for me, I'll get a fresh start next year...

I hope I'll get to it one day...

Maybe I'll try again in my next life...

Sound familiar?

I know I've found myself here many times before.

But then I heard someone really wise say, "there's only two ways to heal -- now or later."

And it hit me... I'm just going to keep repeating the same cycles over and over again until I learn what I need to learn and grow beyond (transcend and include) the current version of myself with my limiting beliefs that are holding me back from realizing my potential.

So what am I waiting for? I have the free will to keep living the same life I'm living just as much as I have the free will to change it. No one is coming to save you from yourself because the Self is all there is. The more we continue to look "out there" for solutions to our problems instead of looking in the mirror, the more we continue to perpetuate the illusion that we don't already possess the capacity to heal ourselves and therefore continue to blame others or our circumstances or continue to wait until '"things" change before we give ourselves permission to BE the change.

There's a version of yourself that's already everything you were meant to be.

Right here and right now.

All you have to do is let go of who you are so that you can become who you might be.

Easier said that done, I know. But that potential is right here nonetheless if you choose to REALize it.

Why are you holding on to things that no longer serve you?

Being stuck is just as uncomfortable as doing the work to grow (aka let go aka surrender to what is aka become who you already are).

What's worse? Feeling like you're repressing yourself by choosing not to engage in the same activities/patterns/behaviors that are comfortably creating more pain in your life or actually repressing yourself by not becoming who you KNOW you have the potential to be?

If you're going to inevitably wake up anyways, why not start right now?

But as I've said, you have the free will to do whatever you want to do. This is just an invitation, never a dictation.

Always with love,

Nathan Barna

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