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All Work And No Play Leads To All Work And No Play

I work so I can play.

This is a mantra/affirmation I use to remind myself that the whole point of all the work I do is to create a situation where I can maximize fun and have the freedom to do what I want, when I want, where I want, with who I want.

Easy to say, not so easy to practice.

I enjoy my work and it honestly feels like play most of the time. And sometimes I use that as an excuse to keep working. And then I get frustrated because it feels like the work never ends. Which makes me wanna work more so I can feel like I’ve completed enough tasks to “earn” some free time.

Tricky cycle. It’s amusing to watch the many ways we bullshit ourselves.

It’s been great having coaches/mentors in my corner to call me out and help me see the things that can be hard to see from my perspective.

All this to say that I’ve been playing hard these past few days and it’s been amazing.

There’s still been that little voice in my head that creeps in to remind me of all the work I’m not doing and questions if I’m even worthy to enjoy myself this much.

I see it. I smile. I breathe. I bring myself back to the present moment. I send some love to that part of me that doesn’t feel worthy of pleasure and relaxation unless I’ve done an insane amount of work for it and unless it comes to me in a very specific way.

I acknowledge that it’s just a story and one I can choose not to subscribe to.

I reset my intention and let go of any expectation of how it’s supposed to happen.

Allow manifestation to manifest.

I work so I can play.

Talk soon,


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