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Are Your Beliefs About GOD the ROOT CAUSE of Your Injury?

I want to distinguish between the type of injury I sustained and the type that 80-90% of other athletes get.

My injury was a result of a macrotraumatic event — i.e. my wrist was otherwise in perfect condition but the impact of the extrinsic load was so great that my shit blew up.

Most injuries, especially in strength sports, are a result of repeated microtrauma that ultimately weakens the tissues, leading to a macrotraumatic event, usually during what seems like a relatively routine activity. In other words, your knee has been bothering you for a while and you never addressed the root cause of the issue so it finally gave out on you.

In my case, I fucked up wrist and so I need to treat my wrist (also my jerk since my loss of perfect execution is what led to this). Unfortunately, this is the thought process that most people take with the 80-90% of other injuries. But if you hurt your knee because you didn’t address the root cause of why your knee was bothering you in the first place, treating just your knee isn’t going to resolve the main issue. And you may just find yourself back in the same spot again wondering why God is punishing you so. You’re punishing yourself by not paying attention.

Most of the time the root cause of the latter type of injury isn’t actually the thing that hurts. Your knee could hurt because it’s unstable because your hips are unstable because your core isn’t functioning properly because your organs are inflamed because you’re eating garbage foods because you’re trying to feed your emotions with physical things because you’ve been programmed to believe that the answers to your problems are “out there” because you’ve been indoctrinated into a materialistic paradigm that sees separation and believes in a God that is also “out there” and is more powerful than you are and will punish you if you try to move outside of the box of what’s considered “good.”

An overly simplistic example but you get the point. Most doctors and therapists simply aren’t taught/haven’t learned to think holistically and therefore get caught in an allopathic model that only looks at and treats symptoms.

The point is that before you begin the rehabilitation process or any unnecessary medical interventions — ideally before you even hurt yourself in the first place — it’s helpful to go on the journey of figuring out the root cause of the problem. Not only will this help you so you don’t end up having the same types of injuries over and over again, but you may also begin to realize that this pain is there for a reason and your journey to discover the root cause is actually your Hero’s Journey that will begin to align you with your purpose in life and help you to remember what you actually are as ONE with everything else.

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