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Choosing a Coach

How do you choose a coach? Do you google for a “coach near me” or just find one at the local gym you go to? Do you find the one that is most popular among your sport and go with them because they are so well known?

While a basic program that’s put out by your favorite athlete might help you to start seeing initial progress it might not get you to become the best possible athlete you have the potential to be. Here are a few tips to look at when choosing coach:

Finding a coach that you can create a working/ close relationship with is possibly the most important aspect there is. If you cannot communicate with your coach, you won’t get far in your journey. Being able to express how you feel during training sessions, difficult days, mistakes you made, sessions you might have missed are crucial to making you a better athlete. Getting a coach to help you become better is a two way street, they can be the best coach in the world, but they are not mind readers. A coach needs to know the good and the bad!

Finding a coach that will not only support you but challenge you is important as well. Having someone push you towards being healthy, staying consistent, working harder, and reaching goals will not be all sunshine and rainbows. You might not like when your coach tells you to keep going or push harder or to give more effort, that is why they are there! A coach will also support your goals know matter what they be (as long as they are healthy and don’t harm you). This could be major goals of becoming an elite athlete or just having energy enough to

A coach will offer you new ways at looking at a problem or a new way to approach a lift when you are struggling to learn. It’s important to note that going back to basic foundations of any lift is crucial and even elite athletes will take a step back to continue to become better athletes. IF is important to have a coach that is willing to step back with you, when you are at a sticking point rather than keep pushing weights to help the solution. If a coach gives you a cue and it does not seem to work with you, it’s important on your end to communicate the issue, but a sign of a good coach will be their ability to change and find what will work for you.

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