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Consistency Over Perfection

Balance is a concept that is very neglected and minimized in terms of its importance in today’s society. We have largely adopted an “all or nothing” approach to the pursuit of our aspirations so as to not “waste any time” getting there. But what is time other than a man made construct used to measure events and keep records?

Life is not a linear phenomena, it flows constantly like a river or a stream. We get so caught up in being or doing something perfectly so much so that when we make that first mistake, we give up altogether. Many people have adopted the concept of making a “New Years resolution” with the coming of another year and many fall off around this time because they either haven’t seen results or they are not where they hoped to be. This is a critical point where missing the gym, skipping a healthy meal, or not going to bed at a decent time starts to happen more regularly. DO NOT LET IT HAPPEN.

This is that essential key moment where you either continue on the path of CONSISTENCY even when you are not seeing the results you want, or you just “know” your routine isn’t working. This is the chance to break your old habit and not slither away into your comfort zone where another year will pass by without becoming a better version of yourself.

The KEY to keep going is understanding that perfection is not what you are striving for. If you missed a day at the gym, or you had a night out with friends don’t let that deter you from your goal. It is just ONE event compared to the multiple good habits you’ve done since the start of the year. Consistency is adding those good habits and realizing everyday you are on the track whether you feel like it or not on some days.

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