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Don't Forget to Feel

When you're ALL-IN on your mission it can be easy as times to fall into the trap of what's referred to as the "externalization of the self."

This is just a fancy term for saying that your identity is wrapped up in the activities you're doing, the things that you possess, and/or the status you hold.

When you're operating from this vantage point you can lose sight of who you ARE at your core and what the purpose is of achieving all you're striving for anyways.

When this happens the pain teacher is quick to follow. However, if we've become too entrenched with our worldly endeavors, we can see this pain as just another thing to "overcome" by more doing and more focus on our mission.

This is your loving reminder that life flows best in a balance. The masculine and feminine must be in harmony.

There's a time to be disciplined and do whatever is necessary to get the job done. But there's also a time to surrender to whatever you're experiencing and open yourself to allow life to flow into you versus always pushing yourself out into life.

Most of the pain that we experience -- physical, mental, emotional, or spiritual -- is a direct result of disruption of this balance.

Sometimes the best way to move forward is to sit down and surrender to your immediate experience without trying to manipulate the outcome to suit your ego's desires.

Paradoxically, this allows any stagnant or repressed energy to flow. This energy is usually trapped emotions that we've been too busy to allow ourselves to experience.

It might come out as sadness, anger, fear, or depression. But when we give ourselves space to allow this energy to move, we also free up the blockages that have been depleting our physical and energetic resources.

This provides the lift we need to continue our journey.

Don't forget to feel.

- Nathan

"Every hero needs a guide. Optimal Evolution provides the coaching you need to create the life of your dreams."

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