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Even Dr. Fish Doesn't Know What Water Is

Have you ever tried to ask a fish what water is?

You'd think that something that lives in water its entire life would know every detail about water.

But the truth is that Dr. Fish would have no idea what you're even talking about.

The reason is because Dr. Fish has been so immersed in water that he has no reference point to know what water is not.

If you don't know what something is not there is no condition to know what something is.

This same predicament happens when you begin to ask the question:

"Who am I?"

It's our knee-jerk reaction to start listing off our name, our occupation, our family, our social status, and basically anything that has to do with who we've identified ourselves to be.

But that isn't our true nature.

If you stripped all those things away -- even your physical body -- there's still something that remains that can't be attached to an object.

This is pure awareness. Pure consciousness.

This is the looker that is looking at all the things you choose to objectify as yourself -- this is the Consciousness that is conscious of.

This is the water that you've been living in your whole life.

My invitation for you is to use that same awareness that's looking out and being conscious of everything to look back at itself.

Become aware of awareness itself.

This is the spiritual path. This is the path to freedom.

When you don't identify yourself with things that can be taken away or changed or disturbed. there is nothing to hold you back from expressing your true nature and your true potential.

You are truly free.

Talk soon,


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