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Expressing All Of Your Selves

Let me break this down for you the best way I know how.

What is the definition of a hologram?

The whole contains all the pieces and all the pieces contain the whole.

What is GOD/The Universe?

All of it -- the whole.

What are you?

A piece of the whole.

If the Universe is all of it then by definition there can be nothing outside/separate from the Universe as that would imply that the Universe isn't all of it.

You are not separate from the Universe because the Universe is all of it -- including you.

You are a unique piece of the Universe.

And because the Universe is all one infinite, eternal, entirety and you are a piece of that one infinite, eternal, entirety; you also contain the whole infinite, eternal, entirety.

You are a piece of the whole and the whole is present in all the pieces.

The Universe is a hologram: the whole contains the parts and the parts contain the whole.

The microcosm is the macrocosm.

The Universe is you and you are the Universe.

GOD is you and you are GOD.

As Rumi says, "You are not a drop in the ocean, you are the ocean in a drop."

Now that we've cleared that up, the main point I want to bring up today is that all the parts of you are valid because all the parts contain and are a part of the whole thing -- your whole being.

So often we pressure and restrict ourselves to only show up in certain ways, deeming other parts of ourselves as invalid or unworthy of expression because they're undesirable relative to what we've come to believe is desirable.

This creates a split of the self into many different selves --- those worthy of expression and those that are not.

The unexpressed parts of yourself become your shadow and begin to act subconsciously in ways that cause you to be confronted with those parts of yourself through the many different circumstances and relationships you find yourself in that usually bring about pain and suffering in one form or another; although the ego like to separate itself and blame outside (seemingly separate) sources for your misfortunes.

Just because you reject something doesn't mean it goes away. In fact, the mere act of rejection is a declaration that there is something that exists that needs to be rejected.

Because we are all the parts and all the parts are us, the only way to become all that we have the potential to be is to come to know, accept, and express all the parts of ourselves as one.

This is what it means to live authentically and in alignment with yourself.

When I came to this realization I finally started giving myself permission to show up exactly how I am and express all the different parts of myself as it felt natural to do.

This is why I've come to gravitate towards many different outlets of expression, some even seeming to contradict one another.

I enjoy the part of myself that shows up and gets the job done while also honoring the part of myself that wants to quit everything and go live uninterrupted in the wilderness.

I enjoy elaborate discussions using poetic language about deep metaphysical topics while also talking real straight and simple about practical matters.

I enjoy moving deeper and deeper into love and unity while also creating space to express the parts of myself that have fun objectifying, conquering, and basking in materialism.

I enjoy the discipline and rigors of business and athletics while also allowing for the grace and spontaneity of an artist.

I have the capacity to destroy just as much as I can create.

I am the light and the dark. I am all of it while also being none of it.

The discernment doesn't come in deciding which parts of yourself to keep and which parts to get rid of. The discernment comes in knowing that from the infinity of possibilities, you get to choose which parts of yourself are appropriate to express in any given circumstance/relationship.

There's no need to get overly attached to one version of yourself. Be who you are and be who you need to be to be who you want to be.

Happy Dreaming,

With love,


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