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How is Your Story Shaping Your Life?

What’s your story?

Whether you’re aware of it or not we are all living out our own stories that we’ve created for ourselves and we are a product of the big collective story of our current societal paradigm and universal (archetypal) ideas.

You tell yourself that you are such and such person with such and such name that lives such and such life that partakes in such and such activities. This is a story. These are beliefs that you hold.

Now before your ego pulls its sword out to defend its identity, let me be clear: there’s nothing wrong with stories. We’ve been conditioned to associate stories (and myths) with something that’s untrue and unreal. The reality is that a story is as real as you make it to be, for better or for worse.

In fact, this is one of the main functions of a myth – an archetypal/formative story that plays itself out in the reality we are experiencing.

To the degree that you invest in your individual story and that we invest in our collective story, these stories continue to play themselves out at the individual and collective level. Think of a story as a ball of energy that attracts more energy/more information to itself to put itself in-form-ation.

Your stories are what in-form your reality.

This is the precise mechanism that allows the Universe/Infinite Potential/Source/Zero/Pure Consciousness/GOD to have a direct experience of its infinite potentiality. Every-thing is entitled to its own story and consequent experience of reality – from the atom to the mineral to the rock to the plant to the animal to the human being to the entire cosmos.

While most things are unconscious of their consciousness and therefore tend to act in congruence with other forms of unconscious consciousness (i.e. the laws of Nature), we humans have the capacity to become aware of our consciousness (or unconsciousness) and therefore choose how we direct our consciousness. And because Consciousness (capital C) is infinite, we have the free will to direct our consciousness in an infinite number of ways (i.e. an infinite number of stories). The only prerequisite to this consciousness (lowercase c) is that there must be a polarity differential; there must be the illusion of imbalance (positive/negative, yin/yang, hot/cold, day/night, etc.) so that we can have the seeming experience of separation between what we identify as our self and the rest of our SELF.

This is how the stories/beliefs/ideas that we invest in get played out in our perceived reality; because, in reality, there is no separation between these stories/beliefs/ideas and the rest of the Universe.

Now to pull us back here to practicality, your stories and beliefs are what shape your life. If you choose to believe (and remember: you do have a choice in what you believe) that your life isn’t going the way you want it to and that you’re a victim of the cards you were dealt and that you’re not worthy to live the life of your dreams for one reason or another, what do you think you are going to manifest in your perceived reality?

Conversely, if you choose to believe that life is exactly what you choose it to be and all the challenging circumstances in your life are happening for you as opportunities to grow and that you are loved and that you are LOVE and that you deserve to live the life of your dreams, what do you think you are going to manifest in your perceived reality?

I know this may sound very “pie-in-the-sky” and “airy-fairy” and “unrealistic,” but one element you have to realize is that the reason most of us can’t simply just think our way into a new life is that there is often a big gap between the story we tell ourselves on the surface, conscious level and the bigger story that’s being told on the deeper, subconscious and unconscious levels. Remember that for most of us, our total consciousness is like an iceberg with only 5-10% that we are actually consciously aware of while the rest is hidden from view in the subconscious and unconscious.

This is why so often as a coach/therapist people tell me their dreams and aspirations and subsequent frustration and pain from not living their dream, and as we look below the surface we see that while their ego (that 5-10% of the iceberg) is telling me one thing, their actions and deeper beliefs are pointing in a completely different direction. My job as a coach/therapist is to bring this “story gap” into awareness and then provide the tools create alignment at all levels of one’s being.

The challenge is that often these deep, conflicting stories are the product of childhood programming, societal/cultural programming, religious programming, personal, and even generational trauma. In order for true healing to occur and coherence and alignment to be restored, you have to take all of these scattered pieces and put them back together again. This is the real spiritual work.

It’s not that you’re broken, you’ve just forgotten your Wholeness.

The more you remember your Wholeness, the more you realize your Oneness with everyone and everything. The more your awareness of your self grows to include your SELF, the more power and control you have over the reality you’re choosing to live, and thus you can choose to create the reality (choose the story) that’s best for you and ultimately the entire world and Universe as YOU.

This is the story that I personally choose to believe because it provides me with the greatest freedom and opportunity to live the life I want and to create the best relationship possible with me self and others (my SELF).

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