Life Is A Balancing Act

Balance is a concept that is very neglected and minimized in terms of its importance in today’s society. We have largely adopted an “all or nothing” approach to the pursuit of our aspirations so as to not “waste any time” getting there. But what is time other than a man made construct used to measure events and keep records?

Life is not a linear phenomena, it flows constantly like a river or a stream. We get so caught up on that one goal, objective, or element that we forget there are other parts of us that need attention as well. The people in our lives that love us deserve our effort also, because what is life really without the love and relationships we form along the way? Without balance, we can easily find ourselves feeling burnt out, mentally/physically fatigued, overwhelmed, etc. if that sounds like something you’ve been feeling, it could very well be your body trying to let you know it’s time for change. We are physical, spiritual, mental, emotional beings.. and all of these parts of us require different levels of effort and care. But finding the perfect balance will ultimately lead to more peace which will eventually lead to more love in this world 🌎💫

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