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Mono-Crop Life Vs Permaculture Life

A mono-crop (or monoculture) is the production of one thing at the exclusion of all other things.

A permaculture is self-regenerating system that is created through the synergy of a wide array of inputs whose outputs further enhance the inputs.

These are terms used in agriculture and I've found them to be helpful in describing the different ways to build your life.

A mono-crop life is the pursuit of one thing at the exclusion of all other things. Maybe that's money; maybe that's athletics; maybe that's family. There's nothing inherently wrong with a mono-crop, but just as in farming: the production of one crop at the exclusion of others (thinks rows and rows of corn) may yield a large amount of that one thing in the short-term, but ultimately a lot of work must be done to support a system that is only supportive of one thing. There may be a lot of time, energy, and resources spent just to be able to focus on that one thing. Just like there's usually a reliance on fertilizers, pesticides, herbicides, and GMOs to support a monoculture in farming.

On the other hand, a permaculture life is the pursuit of all the many different things you may feel called to pursue in such a way that every thing is supported by and enhances everything else. For example, finding a way to blend my passions of strength training, holistic lifestyle coaching, business, finance, music, and food production into one synergistic system. This process may take a lot longer to establish and it may be much longer before you receive any of the fruits or your labor, but once the systems are set in place everything can essentially sustain itself with minimal input from you.

In other words, once you do the work to put the necessary systems into place, all you have to do is show up and do the work you feel called to do and let the synergistic effects of the system build and nurture itself.

What if you can create a life that just keeps getting better without you having to try so hard to hold all the pieces together?

This is what I get to teach my 1-on-1 clients and what I'd love to teach you if you're ready for it and would like my support.

Schedule a call with me if you want to take the next step or check out my recent IG Live session where I break this concept down even further.

With love,


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