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Music As a Spiritual Path

Music is a fundamental element of our human experience, and arguably has been since before the creation of more sophisticated modes of communication, such as verbal language.

Why is this so?

Well, to answer that question we have look as what music is:

At its most basic level, music is sound and sound is a range of frequencies that our ear organs have evolved to receive and transmit a signal to the brain that registers as an audible noise. Technically, there is no difference between the frequency that is light, sound, taste, smell, electricity, magnetism, heat, shape, physical matter, etc. The only difference has to do with the length and amplitude of the frequency; and each sense organ has evolved to resonate with these different frequencies that we interpret as light, sound, taste, smell, touch, etc. So in a sense one could say that everything is sound or everything is light, but we are only aware of small ranges of those frequencies that we interpret as our different senses. In this same vein frequency can be interchanged with energy and information (in-formation).

That being said, audible sound is a very important mode of communication that provides us with a lot of valuable information about our environment. Music/song is ultimately a mode of communication that is transmitted through sound.

Whether it’s the music of a symphony, the music of your favorite pop song, or the music of unadulterated nature, these different ranges of audible frequency convey messages that we pick up at a conscious and subconscious level. And because most music is made in such a way as to capture your attention, move your body, and/or create a pleasurable experience, it can be a powerful vehicle for changing your mental/emotional state and even creating a shift in your physiology. Because your body is composed of physical matter that is fundamentally frequency/energy/information, the different frequencies/energy/information of music have a direct interaction with those of your body (because in reality they are one and the same).

This is why different types of music, sounds, and audible (and even inaudible) frequencies have different effects on your body-mind. In this way music can used as a tool for healing and creating a state shift or as a potential weapon to spread a message that may not be aligned with our best interests as individuals and a society as a whole.

However, at a more practical level, music is a mode of creative expression – it is a way for us to communicate and resonate with our thoughts, feelings, values, and emotions in a way that may not be possible or effective otherwise. This has been my own personal experience and is one of the reasons I began creating my own music.

So with this new awareness of what music/sound is, my invitation for you is to be more conscious of the frequencies you’re allowing to enter into your immediate experience. Are you choosing to listen to/create frequencies that are aligned with your goals and values or are you allowing yourself to be subjected to the influence of frequencies that are not aligned with your goals and values? This could be anything from the music you listen to to the information (frequencies) you’re exposed to on the internet to the thoughts and beliefs that are creating patterns of e-motions (energy in motion) and behaviors.

This isn’t to say that one kind of music or information is better or worse than the other, but more so to say that when you become more intentional with what you’re listening to or why you’re choosing to listen to it, you gain more freedom of the impact that those frequencies are having on your frequencies and you can make an intentional decision that is supportive of your goals and values.

Love invites more love and connection.

Fear invites more fear and separation.

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