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My Process For Navigating The Challenges Of Life

Facing challenges is an inevitable part of life. In fact, within every hardship and obstacle that we face is the opportunity for growth -- if we choose to see it that way.

And as with any aspect of life, it's helpful to have a reliable process you can call upon to help you move through the rough patches as effectively as possible.

I encourage you to develop your own process that works for you, but I want to share mine to act as an example of some different approaches that might work for you.

Firstly, learn how to sit with the tension. We can be so quick to try to solve problems that we miss the opportunity for the growth and learning that the problem has the potential to provide us. It's okay not to be okay. And being able to sit with the discomfort without labels and judgement often brings about its own healing and insight.

Remember: Problems beg for solutions. You don't have to be a problem that needs to be solved. Allow what is to be what is.

Secondly, use any helpful tools to process whatever arises through the sitting period. Things like journaling, contemplation, prayer, breathwork, yoga, and dance can all be powerful tools.

Thirdly, get back to your routine and continue to show up to the work you've committed yourself to. A buffalo moves towards the storm because it knows the storm doesn't last as long when you move into headfirst. Take the time you need to process and make any changes you feel called to make, but get back to work as soon as possible and keep moving. Momentum (no matter how slow) is much easier to maintain than trying to restart after a dead stop.

I invite to go check out my recent IG Live session where I break this process down even further.

And as always, we can set up a time to chat if you'd like any additional support.

All is well, my friend.

With love,


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