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Stop Thinking About Your Feelings

Words are powerful, yet they are very limited.

Have you ever tried to describe your love for someone or something or tried to put into a words a very profound experience?

Have you ever thought about how your thoughts are just words and therefore your thinking is limited by the words you know and the meaning you put behind them?

And not only this, but when you're communicating your thoughts through words you're then relying on whoever is receiving those words to interpret them in the same way that you do.

And if you remember playing the "telephone game" or if you just look at the ~45,000 denominations of Christianity that all claim to have the "correct" interpretation of the Bible and the teachings of Jesus the Christ, it becomes very evident how limiting words and their interpretation can be.

In the same way, we've also learned to over-mentalize our feelings and sensations in the body. So much so that many of us have shut off our connection to the body to the point that we only feel what we think we feel about our feelings.

And then we become identified with the thoughts we have about our feelings.

Take the emotion of anger for example. When we feel anger, it's usually because we have learned to associate a certain complex of sensations, feelings, and impulses of the body with the mental label of "anger." This is all great as it allows us to better understand our emotions so that we can better manage them. But what typically happens over time is that instead of associating body sensations with a mental label we begin to create ideas/beliefs about how we should or have been conditioned to react to something (person, place, thing, experience) which we then interpret as the emotion-label "anger," which then triggers the felt/percieved body sensations that we associate with that emotion-label.

So instead of thinking about what we feel, we feel what we think about.

The reason this is so important to be aware of is that the more you lose touch with your body, the more you lose touch with this physical reality that we live in. The more you lose touch with this physical reality, the more you start to believe in your own thoughts/ideas/beliefs/perceptions about what you think your reality is supposed to be.

And as I've already eluded to, thoughts without a physical basis in sensation and feeling are subject to much bias and misinterpretation, which can turn out to be very life-negating to self and others -- from the way that you feed and nurture your body to the way you manage relationships and business decisions.

I'm aware that I just used a bunch words to describe something that is beyond words, so I'll conclude with an invitation to give yourself permission to feel all the feelings and sensations of your body without labels or judgment.

You can feel all the sensations associated with the emotion-label of anger without ever labeling them as "anger" and therefore without ever BE-ing angry. And paradoxically, when we allow ourselves to just be with what is in our body, we don't create all these stories about what should or shouldn't be and therefore the e-motions (energy in motion) are allowed to stay in motion and dissipate much more efficiently.

I've found that being an athlete has really helped me to deepen my relationship with my body. Because of this, I'm better able to just be with what is present without always having create stories about why things are the way they are which has so often perpetuated the very patterns of thought and behavior that have led to many of the challenging/painful instances of my life.

Now, as a final note -- be aware that the reverse is also true. Mind and body are not separate and are actually mirrors of one another. It is possible to become so engulfed in feeling and sensation that you're not able to effectively use your mind to create different meanings and interpretations of those feelings that allow you to alchemize the experience of your body.and of your reality as a whole.

Happy Dreaming,

With Love,


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