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Stress Management

Stress comes in a variety of forms and can have a plethora of different effects on our health. Whether familial responsibilities, our jobs, physical training, etc, having multiple sources of stress requires a delicate balance in order to maintain peace and optimal functionality.

But how does one “manage” stress if it’s always present? We can’t avoid the trials that life brings our way, but we absolutely can control how we handle them. One method of stress management is mindfulness (meditation, breath work, yoga), this allows one to become more in touch with the inner self and clearly envision who they want to become. Another form of management is physical exercise. It is no secret that movement truly is medicine. Whether it be the release of endorphins (“feel good” hormone resulting from exercise) or just the confidence gained from completing a tough workout, being physically active will indefinitely help release tension and ease the mind from stress. Even more so, conditioning the mind to be comfortable with uncomfortable situations (ie, vigorous training, cold therapy) will make the stress in our lives seem much less threatening than it otherwise could be. Last but certainly not least, the third form of stress management is spending time with people who love you. Love is the most powerful force in the world and can truly impact someone’s life in a positive way. Self love is the greatest form of this, and doing things that make you happy in the company of those you care for can bring light into the darkest situations. Ultimately, love is the root of all of these things, focusing on letting love into our lives and loving ourselves through gratitude will give us the strength we need to handle whatever life throws our way. Just one step at a time.

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