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The Best Way To Recover From An Injury

In my experience, there's always a reason behind every injury, illness, and mental/emotional crisis. Yes, genetics may make you more predisposed to experiencing a certain kind of injury/dis-ease, but genetics don't cause injuries/dis-eases.

Fortunately and unfortunately I've experienced enough injuries in my life and have worked with enough injured athletes to recognize that most injuries are only symptoms of an underlying root cause. And until the root cause is identified and addressed (although it doesn't always have to be identified to be addressed) an injury may continue to show up over and over again in the same or various ways.

In the physical fitness and physical therapy world, we're taught to only look at physical causes for physical problems. In my experience, many physical problems are manifestations of underlying physiological (organs/glands) and/or mental/emotional imbalances.

During my IG Live session today, I broke down how to identify some of the common causes of injuries and provided some of the basic protocols to addressing the root cause and accelerating the healing process, as well as decreasing the likelihood of re-injury and minimizing the chances of getting injured in the first place.

You can check out the replay here.

I hope this helps.

With love,


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