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What Do You See When You Look Into The Mirror?

The world you look out into is your mirror.

If you don't like what you see, look in the mirror.

Are there any parts of yourself that you don't like to look at?

What you resist persists.

Just because you reject something doesn't mean it goes away. These rejected parts turn into your shadow which ultimately manifests as the things you don't like to look at in your mirror of the world.

Carl Jung said something like this: "Your unconscious will meet you from the outside to the extent that you're not willing to look at on the inside."

Your shadow follows you wherever you go.

And the only way to drop your shadow is to turn around and shine some light on it -- shine some love on it.

So for everything you don't like to see in your external reality, find the parts of yourself that you're choosing (consciously or unconsciously) not to see and learn how to give them some love.

Are there any parts of yourself that are less worthy of love than other parts?

That gap creates a condition; conditions uphold the illusion of separation; the illusion of separation is an invitation to the Pain Teacher to come and support you in expanding your awareness of your Self.

Inside is outside and outisde is inside because one cannot exist with the other.

I invite you to meditate on that.

I hope this helps.

Talk soon,

Nathan Barna

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