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What is Optimal Evolution Functional Fitness?

What program should you follow to be generally fit? What if you goal is not to compete in sports but simply to move better, live longer, or be able to play without your children without becoming worn out? These are questions which average men and women who are ready to make a change have asked themselves for decades. While you can use almost any physical discipline to get in shape (boxing, aerobic, weightlifting, biking, swimming, etc.); functional fitness is the program built with the goal of bringing fitness to everyday tasks for everyday people. Functional fitness is about preparing the firefighter, police office, nurse, school teacher, or construction worked for any physical challenge they may face in their lives. Functional fitness is for everyone.

Functional fitness is so called because the movements we use are functional movements, replicated in nature and unique in their ability to express power. Through the use of functional movement patterns we challenge the body to adapt to any physical challenge. In the functional fitness program, our specialty is not to specialize. We incorporate elements from gymnastics, endurance, weightlifting, powerlifting, plyometric and any other physical discipline to create a program which is uniquely valuable for the person looking to be generally physically fit.

There is no prerequisite for participation in functional fitness. Everyone from college athletes to octogenarians will find distinct value in our program. Individuals from all backgrounds with all body types, shapes, and sizes are able to jump into our program with professional coaches from day one. If you’re looking to get fit for real life, Optimal Evolution Functional Fitness is the program for you.

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