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What's Your Purpose?

We're all here for a reason.

Each and every one of us and each and every "thing" around us.

That reason might not be as extravagant as changing the world or making a novel discovery or realizing a state of enlightenment; and it's not supposed to be.

In the grand scheme of things there is no purpose that is greater of lesser than any other, for all purposes serve the ONE PURPOSE of Spirit coming to know itself as itself.

The importance is not so much what your purpose is as your willingness to go on the journey of discovering what that is and aligning yourself (thoughts, words, actions) to it.

Just as a rock may serve many functions -- some of great significance -- its sole/soul purpose is to be a rock in the greatest expression of its rock-ness.

So too may you partake in many functions -- student/teacher, parent/child, worker/owner, criminal/saint -- but your sole/soul purpose is to be the greatest expression of YOU you can be.

That's it.

Even if your sole/soul purpose is to go on the journey of realizing your purpose.

In this way we each/all act as unique catalysts in aiding ourselves and each other-selves in the evolution of ONE manifesting itself as the illusion of many to grow through relationship with its-selves to come to know itself as ONE.

So, all this is to say:

Keep being you because that's all that you can be.

With Love,


P.S. I know some of these concepts can be quite deep. I'm still continually coming to a more complete awareness of them myself. And these messages also act a way for me to formulate my ideas in a way that can be communicated and understood by those that are ready to receive. Either way, I invite you to read with an openness that allows you to feel into the space between, beneath, and beyond the actual written text before your thoughts and ideas might get in the way of receiving the message that cannot be spoken.

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