Your Ego is Not the Enemy 🧠

our ego is the “I” identity. it is our sense of self, personality, and self-worth.

in childhood we develop core beliefs and ideas usually given to us by our parents or caregivers. as we grow, we create and maintain a story about who we believe we are. we carry the same stories into adulthood.

these ego stories play out every day through our thoughts and are hidden deep in our subconscious. the ego likes to mingle with thoughts that protect our identity of who we believe we are at all costs.

when we are doing the inner work to rewire our brain and tell ourselves new stories, the ego WILL resist and put up a fight. the same thing happens when someone says or does something that causes us to emotionally react; we want to explain and defend ourselves.

that’s our ego being activated and taking things personal; stepping in to protect and defend us. it doesn’t want us to feel our core self being threatened. it wants to keep the part of us that can’t defend itself (our inner child) comfortable and safe.

as you begin your own inner work, it is important that you learn to practice witnessing your ego stories and the thoughts that play out, without attachment or judgment. your ego is not the enemy and the goal is not “ego death.”

the more awareness we have of our ego’s default thought patterns and fears, the easier it becomes to see what thoughts don’t actually serve us or the new identity we are trying to create.

from there we can actively engage our conscious mind to shift out of autopilot to create new beliefs and thought patterns, a new sense of Self, and renewed self-worth.

all with practice 🫶🏼

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