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Nutrition & Lifestyle Coaching

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In my experience as an athlete and coach, I found that usually what ends up holding people back the most isn't the program, or the training, or the technique, or specific cues.


It ultimately comes down to nutrition and lifestyle.


How are you managing all of the different stressors in your life?

Are you getting the nutrition that you need?


Are you getting the sleep, rest, and restoration that you need?


Are you breathing properly because the breath is going to be the foundation for all of the other systems in your body?


How is your thinking?


How is your mental/emotional management?


Are you creating a lot of additional stress for yourself just in the way that you're perceiving things?


Are you reacting to things or are you responding?


Are you overtraining or are you undertraining?


Are you getting the balance of movement that you need to support your body and your mind?

And are you doing the work to grow your awareness and expand your level of being able to be a productive co-creator in the experience you're having and the life that you're creating?


A lot of times when we're working with athletes people come to us because they feel like they need a change in their program or they need different coaching.


But really, what they need is to maximize their health in their happiness so that they have the foundation to perform at the level they want to perform.

And this is exactly what we're going to show you how to do.

What You Get

- Full nutrition & lifestyle assessment

- 3 private coaching sessions per month

- Weekly accountability check-ins

- Customized nutrition plan

- Complete lifestyle overhaul

- Unlimited communication with your coach

- Ongoing mental & emotional support

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