When you're ALL-IN on your mission it can be easy as times to fall into the trap of what's referred to as the "externalization of the self."

This is just a fancy term for saying that your identity is wrapped up in the activities you're doing, the things that you possess, and/or the status you hold.

When you're operating from this vantage point you can lose sight of who you ARE at your core and what the purpose is of achieving all you're striving for anyways.

When this happens the pain teacher is quick to follow. However, if we've become too entrenched with our worldly endeavors, we can see this pain as just another thing to "overcome" by more doing and more focus on our mission.

This is your loving reminder that life flows best in a balance. The masculine and feminine must be in harmony.

There's a time to be disciplined and do whatever is necessary to get the job done. But there's also a time to surrender to whatever you're experiencing and open yourself to allow life to flow into you versus always pushing yourself out into life.

Most of the pain that we experience -- physical, mental, emotional, or spiritual -- is a direct result of disruption of this balance.

Sometimes the best way to move forward is to sit down and surrender to your immediate experience without trying to manipulate the outcome to suit your ego's desires.

Paradoxically, this allows any stagnant or repressed energy to flow. This energy is usually trapped emotions that we've been too busy to allow ourselves to experience.

It might come out as sadness, anger, fear, or depression. But when we give ourselves space to allow this energy to move, we also free up the blockages that have been depleting our physical and energetic resources.

This provides the lift we need to continue our journey.

Don't forget to feel.

- Nathan

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If you feel like you never have enough time to do the things you want to do because you’re spending all of your time doing things you have to do, then keep reading…

this post is for you 🕕

Firstly, as someone that loves to take on 100 things all at once that all seem equally important — I get it.

I’m not here to bullshit you and tell you to slow down or take on less. We live in a very competitive environment and it is those that are willing to do the work that others aren’t that make the biggest impact.

But what I will tell you is this:

The solution to your “lack” of time can be found in the very way you think about and talk about time.

Time is not something to be gained or lost. Time just is. We all have the same amount of it.

When you’re feeling that sense of “lack,” it’s because you’ve become too focused on activities instead of outcomes.

When your mind keeps cycling through the never-ending list of things to do, it’s always going to feel like there’s not enough time because that list is never-ending.

But when you shift your focus to outcomes and the precise results you’re trying to achieve, you’ll begin to see that you can actually achieve the results you want with only a fraction of the time and effort.

You will start seeing that time does not equal money/productivity.

Your success will then be dependent upon your ability to produce results and leverage systems that continue to produce more and more results with less and less time and effort.

This is how you master time.

If you want to learn more about the systems you can leverage to maximize your results, join me in my webinar on The 6 Principles You Need to Know & Apply to Create Anything You Want in Life.

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Updated: Jul 29

It’s all about perspective. How you go about your days; the views you have will determine the outcome of what happens throughout your life. We don’t get to decide most of what happens to us, but we do get to decide how we react. Being able to take a step back from a situation and think about how you want to view it, can be a step in the right direction. Especially if you’re working towards growing your life in a more positive manner. The thing is, “good'' and “bad” things happen to everyone, but how you decide to take action with what happens, is what will determine if you will have a more positive outcome or not.

With any situation, you can see it for how it is, then decide if you’re going to react positively or negatively. Maybe you ’ll take a step back after something happens and adjust your views. “Bad” things do happen, but we can still make good come from it. If you’re able to learn a lesson or understand something better from a negative circumstance, can you see how that would be actually beneficial? A lot of hardships allow us to grow. Struggles open up an opportunity to find ways to better ourselves.

Sometimes our struggles aren’t but 5 minutes of our day. But we tend to make them last all day long. A situation might have happened that really bummed you out or maybe there is something that happened and let you down. Many of us will then linger onto whatever happened and can carry this negative feeling for the rest of our day. It can be harmful to get too caught up in a poor situation, because then you may tend to close yourself off and prevent yourself from feeling better. This doesn’t mean that we have to be positive about every single thing that happens in our life. Life is hard, and it's okay to have hard times and to be upset. All I am saying is that the more you work on seeing the good things in your life, the more you open yourself up to joy in your life. Being grateful is a great way to help your perspective.

Gratitude: “the quality of being thankful; readiness to show appreciation for and to return kindness” - what we give to the world is what we get. Being thankful is a great way to adjust your focus. Instead of dwelling on those things, you can focus on what you do have now. You can use the things you want (but don’t have, yet) as a way to motivate yourself. But realize there is time to attain goals and wants, so you might as well use that energy in a positive manner. As you start to be thankful for what you do have, you will see that list grow. As you continue to be grateful, you open yourself up to more good things to come into your life. Be grateful in the present. The things you have are still important and your work done should make you proud.

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