Hey, Watch Your Language!

The more that I observe myself and others, the more I realize that even the most prudent of us can find ourselves spewing out "bad" words.

And by "bad" I don't necessary mean cuss words.

By "bad" I mean words that shape our thoughts and reality into something we say we don't want.

Words like "can't" - "shouldn't" - "won't" - "never" - "but" - "impossible" - "hope"

These are words that subtly reinforce the limiting beliefs we hold about ourselves and the world.

For example, when you say that you "can't" do something because of "x,y,z" reason (excuse), you've just made a declaration about what you believe is possible for yourself.

Not right or wrong, but what you believe has a funny way of becoming your reality.

This is the true meaning of abracadabra: as you speak, so it becomes.

That's real magick in action.

So my invitation for you is to pay close attention to the language that you use.

And every time you find yourself thinking or saying something that puts a limit on your potential I want you to ask yourself:

"Is that really true?"

You'd be surprised at the amount of "bad" words show up in your everyday conversations with yourself and others.

Talk soon,


P.S. This is the kind of work we do in our Nutrition & Lifestyle Coaching. If you can become aware of and shift the language you use, you can fundamentally transform your life. The problem is that it can be difficult to spot when you're reinforcing limiting believes; and so it can be helpful to have someone on the outside to help remind you of your language and give you tools to create new ways of thinking and speaking about things. If you're ready to do this kind of work to radically shift your life and be able to create more of what you want, schedule a call with me and I'd love to show you how powerful this practice can be in your own life.

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