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How Connecting to GOD is the Best Way to Get Stronger and Build More Muscle

Maximizing performance is all about optimizing stress management.

Some of our biggest sources of stress come from what we believe about ourselves and the world around us.

In my journey, I've experienced the greatest physical results by deepening my spirituality. And remember, by spirituality I just mean connecting to a greater whole. The reason being that the greater of a connection I've developed with myself and the world around me, the more I've been able to objectively see how much of an influence my beliefs, thoughts, words, and deeds have on the experience I'm creating for myself.

When you keep honestly asking yourself, "What causes that?" you eventually find yourself at a place where one thing is the source of everything. This is what I refer to as GOD.

And because of this, everything is connected to and influenced by everything else. So when it comes to increasing your performance in the gym -- whether that's strength, power, endurance, muscle mass, body composition, etc. -- the more you're able to recognize and adjust the many factors that are adding/adapting to the overall stress load of your body-mind, the better you'll be able to adapt to whatever stimulus you are providing your body through your training.

If you inherently belief that what can be physically weighed and measured is all that exists and therefore we are all separate beings have separate experiences because consciousness is a product of our physical biology, your thoughts, words, and actions will reflect that back to you in the results and circumstances you experience. This isn't a matter of right/wrong good/bad, but to the degree the choices you're making based off the beliefs you hold are creating experiences you say you don't want for yourself, there's a "story gap" that is creating additional stress to the system that is taking away from your capacity and resources to adapt to your training.

The more you align yourself to your version of the Truth, the more your thoughts, words, and actions will create experiences aligned with what you say you want for yourself.

One of the simplest ways to begin this process is to create a daily meditation practice for yourself so you can begin to objectively see your otherwise subjective experience.

I invite you to watch my latest IG Live video if you want to take a deeper dive on this topic.

With Love,


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