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How To Revitalize Your Water To Enhance Every Aspect Of Your Life

We all know water is important.

Most know that the body is about 45-70% water by weight.

But did you know that the body is 99.99% water by molecular count?

And water is required for essentially every chemical reaction in the body?

These are the very chemical reactions that are metabolizing, assimilating, and eliminating your food; replacing blood and tissue cells; optimizing brain function; and growing a baby inside a woman's body.

In other words, optimizing the quantity AND quality of the water your drink can and will enhance every aspect of your life.

But gulping down 8 glasses off the tap likely isn't going to cut it unless your tap is connected right to protected glacial springs or an artesian well. The quality of the water you drink is just as, if not more, important than the quantity.

Water has a virtually infinite capacity to store energy and information. And if you study The Biology of Belief by Bruce Lipton PhD you'll discover that cells directly respond to energy and information. So if the water you're consuming doesn't contain the life-force (energy and information) required to optimize cellular function, it will cost you more energy to process that water than what you're gaining from it.

As a general rule of thumb: you want to be drinking 1/2 of your bodyweight (lbs) in ounces of clean, mineralized, coherently structured water each day.

Even if you're drinking filtered water, you'll still want to remineralize it with some high quality sea salt (I use Celtic Sea Salt) and structure it with a water structuring device (I use an Analemma Wand).

If you want to take a deeper dive on how to optimize your water, the importance and benefits of structured water, and learn exactly what I do for my water, check out this recent video I made here.

Stay thirsty my friends ;)

With love,


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