Just Your Friendly Reminder To Surrender

Life is hard. Trust me, I get it.

Sometimes it feels like you're doing all that you can possibly do and it still feels like you're getting nowhere.

You look around and it seems like everyone else is making progress with half the effort you're putting in.

You lay down to go to sleep at night and you're instantly flooded with thoughts about whether or not it's all even worth it.

You feel helpless and hopeless.

"Where's the breakthrough at?"

"Is it ever coming?"

"Am I even doing the right thing?"

I'm not here to claim that I or anyone else can solve your problems.

But I am here to remind you to surrender to the process.

Whether you choose to see it or not, everything you're experiencing is for a reason.

In my experience, doing more things and giving more effort isn't the solution.

The solution appears when you realize there was never a problem that needed to be solved.

Letting go of trying to find the solution is the solution in itself.

The challenge that you're facing is the invitation to realize the Great Deception that's preventing you from seeing the Truth of yourself.

The more you reawaken to this Truth, the more you see the perfection of the path you're on.

Life is happening FOR you, not TO you.

Trust the process. Exercise patience. Surrender to the outcome.

Life is going to take its course regardless. You might as well enjoy the ride instead of constantly trying to swim in the opposite direction.

Talk soon,


P.S. If this message resonates with you and you want to take a deeper dive to learn how to implement this framework into your own life and unique situation, I'd be honored to hop on a call and provide additional guidance. You don't have to go on this journey alone (I know how lonesome and painful it can feel at times). You can schedule a call with me here.

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