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My #1 Performance-Enhancing Tip

When it comes to performing at the highest level possible, I've tried just about everything you can imagine outside of steroids.

From spending hundreds of dollars of supplements every month to icing my ball sack, I'm no stranger to trying anything that seems like it'll help me be even the tiniest bit better.

But out everything I've tried, there's one thing that stands as being by far the most effective and efficient at enhancing my performance and improving every other aspect of my life. In fact, this thing is so powerful that the entirety of Optimal Evolution and all of my businesses are operated by and through this foundational component.

And the best part is that this protocol takes virtually no time to implement and costs nothing.

Are you ready for it?

It's LOVE.

Love is the binding, uniting, and connecting force that allows this whole experience to be possible.

Love is so powerful it creates Universes.

By definition, love says YES to all of it.

So how does this improve your performance?

The more you learn to love yourself, the more connected and in tune you are with your mind, body, emotions, and the soul that experiences the Spirit that moves through you. This is because the more you learn to love to yourself, the more you're willing to look at and embrace all the parts of yourself. And the more you're willing to embrace all the parts of yourself, the more your sense of self begins to expand and the more your parts become one integrated whole. The more your sense of self expands and the more your parts become one integrated whole, the more access you have to make changes within yourself. The more access you have to make changes within yourself, the more you can continuously align yourself to the thoughts, actions, and relationships that will allow you to perform and be the best you can be.

And because you're learning to operate from a place of love, the changes you make aren't coming from a sense of lack, fear, or unworthiness.

Instead of, "I don't like the way I look so I"m going to go on a diet and exercise more" -- your're coming from a place of, "I love myself so much that I want to provide my body all that it needs to look and feel its best."

Regardless of the result you achieve, the intention that you operate from will always find a way to mirror itself back to you.

I made a video today getting even deeper into this concept. You can check it out here.

Happy Dreaming,

With Love,

Nathan Barna

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