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Shine Your Light to Lead the Way For Others

You don't need to make big, drastic changes to transform you life.

Transformation happens with the little choices you make every moment of every day.

It may take a big change to initiate some movement and create some momentum; but it's the little changes and decisions you make every day that keep the momentum going long enough to see the results and create a new life for yourself.

Not a lot changes on Earth from day to day. You go outside and things are still pretty much where you left them the day before. The same is true for a week, month, and even a year. But if you span that out into decades, centuries, millenniums, and eons -- entire worlds can be created, destroyed, and recreated.

Change takes time, but it happens the instant you make a decision to change.

And the best part is that when you change yourself you're not only changing yourself, you're changing your entire history and your entire future. You're changing the piece of infinity that you're responsible for, and by doing so you're influencing all the other pieces because they're all connected.

By changing your universe you change the entire Universe.

Transformation is a process of removing the obstructions getting in the way of the light that is already shining from within.

All the obstructions create shadows that we often mistake for the real thing (Plato's Cave).

The best way to shine your light is to be the Light.

And remember that light cannot exist without the dark and dark has no meaning with the light.

All is well.

With Love,


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