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So You Want To Perform At The Highest Level Possible

Most people find Optimal Evolution because they want to maximize their athletic performance.

Or they're frustrated with the results they've been getting so they finally decide to try the Optimal approach.

Either way, most people get confused when we don't jump right in to training program details, technique cues, macronutrient prescriptions, or supplement protocols.

All those things are important and are addressed in our approach, but they only make up a small portion of the necessary components required to achieve peak performance.

In my experience, the only way you can truly be at your best is if take a holistic approach -- looking at the big picture of how all systems of your body and mind are connected and affect one another.

Stress accumulates in the body, regardless if it's stress from training, stress from toxins in your environment, or stress from a toxic relationship. The more stress you have accumulated in the system, the less energy you have available to recover and perform at your best.

And since all the systems of your body-mind are connected and your body-mind is essentially connected to the entire universe, you have to consider all the factors that might be creating disharmony or dis-ease in the system.

This is why we cover such a wide range of principles in our practice: they're all related and they all eventually point back to the same place the deeper you go.

As an example, your ability to produce power to explosively lift a weight (such as in a snatch) is dependent upon how well your nervous system is communicating with the muscles to coordinate the desired movement, technique, and amount and speed of muscle contraction.

How well your nervous system is communicating with the muscles is dependent upon your training and the resources available to recover and adapt from training.

Your ability to recover and adapt from training is dependent upon the quality and quantity of the resources available and how effectively you're able to rest.

The quality and quantity of the resources available depend upon where you're getting those resources (i.e. where your food is coming from) and how your body is able to metabolize, assimilate, and eliminate what you're putting into your body; as well as how much of those resources are tied up to accommodate for other stresses "unrelated" to your training (mental, emotional, spiritual).

How effectively you're able to rest is again dependent upon how wound up your body-mind is from the stressors that it's exposed to, which is directly related to your environment and how you respond/react to circumstances in your life

How you respond/react to the circumstances in your life is a reflection of your thoughts and emotions, which are a product of the beliefs you hold about yourself and the world around you.

The beliefs you hold and how you act them out through your thoughts, words, and actions are largely unconscious, which means that you have to expand your consciousness in order to identify and modify beliefs that aren't serving you.

The beliefs that typically lead to the most stress and pain are ones that uphold the illusion of separation manifested through your ego, so you have to learn to see behind the mask -- which allows you to see how connected you are with everything else.

Experiencing this connection, you're able to adjust your beliefs and subsequently your thoughts, words, and actions to ones that allow more harmony in your life and all the systems of your body-mind.

The more harmony you create, the less unnecessary stress there is on the system. The less unnecessary stress, the more resources and energy available to train and recover from that training.

This ultimately leads to a better results which leads to a higher level of performance.

If you want to learn more about how to implement these principles into your training and life, I invite you to schedule a call with me and I can show you how to do it.

And/or you can hop on this free Tony Robbins webinar that's going to be live this Thursday at 7PM EST. You can register for that here.

Hope this helps.

Talk soon,


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