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Tapping Into Your Ultimate Potential

This can be a big topic. And admittedly, I don't know what your ultimate potential is because I'm still continually rediscovering what mine is. As soon as I think I've reached a limit I find a way (or life gives me a way) to grow through it.

What I can say is this:

The first step to tapping into your ultimate potential is recognizing that your potential is ultimately limited by your own beliefs about what's possible. And because we have the power to choose what we believe in and there is ALWAYS the potential for possibility, we can choose to believe in the possibility that our potential is virtually limitless.

The more you allow yourself to move beyond your own self-limiting beliefs and move more into the core of who you are, the more you will align yourself to your purpose and mission and ultimately what brings you a sense of meaning and fulfillment in life.

Once you align yourself to that and give yourself permission to pursue whatever your version of that looks like (and this will likely be the scariest and most challenging thing you've ever done because it's supposed to be or it wouldn't change you), you will begin to tap into to this deep, fundamental source of vitality that begins to accelerate your growth, healing, and ability to manifest your Dream.

Think of the difference of how much energy you have when you're doing something you enjoy doing versus how draining it is to do something you don't like doing.

And of course we must address all aspects of the system. Simply changing your thoughts won't be that effective unless you're also creating more harmony in your body and emotions by fueling yourself properly, getting the rest you need, and moving your body in ways that support your overall health and function.

Think of yourself like a very fine and elaborate instrument. If you're out of tune in any way you may just be producing noise; but when you're in tune you get to experience the magnificence of the music that only you have the potential to play.

This comes right back to being authentically yourself. Which comes down to being willing to learn to love and embrace all parts of yourself.

Nobody can be you as well as you can be you.

I invite you to take a deeper dive into this topic by watching my recent IG Live session here.

I hope this helps.

With love,


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