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The Art Of Conscious Dreaming - Values

I went out into the wilderness today.

I kissed the trees; I tasted the air; I bathed in the sound of the crashing waves.

It wasn't a random act.

I've been intentionally aligning myself to this moment for weeks.

I've been doing a lot of work on myself and my businesses and being in service to the best of my abilities. And even though I've been making a lot of progress towards my dreams, I've been neglecting one of my core values of regularly reconnecting with unadulterated nature.

In the system of dream creation I've learned from studying Paul Chek, there's "4 Doctors" that must be accounted for in order to create a holistic structure of values that act as your framework to ensure your making optimal decisions in support of your dream.

Dr. Happy

Dr. Quiet

Dr. Diet

Dr. Movement

They're referred to as "doctors" because if you pay attention to these key areas your chances of having to visit a traditional doctor are greatly reduced. And like good doctors, they are excellent teachers and catalysts to your health, happiness, and healing.

But if you're not consciously creating values around each one of these doctors, most likely your adhering to other values that you likely haven't clearly identified for yourself and therefore are likely acting out unconsciously which may or may not be in support of your overall dream.

I noticed that by not upholding my value of spending regular time in nature that I was beginning to feel overworked and bit resentful towards all the responsibilities I've created for myself. Which is why I made it a point to create a non-negotiable date with myself to step away from said responsibilities and take the time I needed to recharge and fill my soul's cup.

Paradoxically, I was greatly looking forward to spending some time in nature to get away from work and then by the end of my trip I was greatly looking forward to getting back to work.

And now here we are writing emails at 8:30PM ;)

Moral of the story:

Get clear on your values because they provide the structure that allows for the space and the freedom to create the life you want to live.

If you want to take a deeper dive and learn the process to practically implement this framework into your life, go check out the recent video I made here.

Always from the heart,


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