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The Most Important Step That Everyone Skips

f we're working together, the very first (and, in my opinion, the most important) thing we must do is identify what you love enough that you're willing to change for.

Most of the time we don't decide to change until the pain -- physical, mental, emotional, or spiritual -- is severe enough that we feel like we have no other choice. This is why near-death experiences (NDEs) are often so powerful in transforming someones life.

Sometimes we must face death to realize that we have the choice to live.

Sometimes we must face death to realize what we are not so that we may become more of what we truly are.

Sometimes we must face death to realize that there's a part of us that can never die.

Sometimes we must face death to realize that we have always been all of it all along -- the idea of there being separate selves living separate lives is just an illusion.

But you don't have to wait until death to decide to live. That decision can happen in an instant. It can happen right here and right now.

I've found over and over again that those that have a big enough reason to change will do whatever it takes to consistently do the work necessary to facilitate that change and grow through the challenges of life (even if that work means to stop working so much).

The question is:

What could you possibly love enough to make you willing to do whatever is necessary to realize your fullest potential?

The answer:


Loving other people and loving ideas and things is important and can absolutely provide the necessary catalyst to change, but there inevitably comes a point where you must realize that you can only love someone or something else to the extent you've learned to love yourself. And paradoxically, the more you learn to love yourself, the more you see yourself in everyone else, and the more your self-love overflows to the rest of your Self.

When you learn to love yourself, doing the work to grow and heal isn't something you do because you feel like there's something wrong with you that needs to be fixed; rather, you love yourself (and your Self) so much that you feel it is your honor-duty to be the best that you can possibly be for yourself and everyone else.

And guess what?

This is just STEP ONE.

Next Saturday (3/25) Nicholas Brabhan (fellow CHEK Practitioner) and I are going to be hosting a 90-minute LIVE IN-PERSON workshop to take you through the exact process we take our clients through to identify their dream and help them create the structure and necessary physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual shifts to align to that dream so that it can become a reality.

You can join us and save your spot by registering here.

Talk soon,


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