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There's Nothing To Figure Out

I'm gonna dive right in so stay with me.

Like leaves on a tree or waves on the ocean, we are all unique expressions of an indivisible unity. There is no one like you. There never has been and there never will be.

GOD is a novelty generator.

Because GOD is the source and oneness of all, there is no way for GOD to know itself unless it creates the illusion of something outside/inside itself to have an experience with. Think about it: you wouldn't even have an idea of your existence if you weren't in relationship with things that seem like they are separate from you.

This is the Great Illusion -- Maya.

And because everything begins in balance, it also ends in balance because it's all the same stuff. This is why opposites always come in pairs to compliment one another. Hot doesn't exist without cold; day doesn't exist without night; masculine doesn't exist without feminine; positive doesn't exist without negative.

So a soul's fundamental purpose is to differentiate itself from source so that it can have an experience of itself as a separate entity so that it can ultimately come to experience//know itself as source yet again -- and the cycle again repeats.

Because of these complimentary opposites there are ultimately two (three) paths that a soul can take to know itself.

One path is of the negativa and the other is of the positiva.

The path of the negativa is a path of emptying oneself so completely that one dissolves back into the oneness of itself -- the drop losing itself back into the ocean.

The path of the positiva is a path of becoming so full that one comes to experience itself as all that is -- the drop experiencing itself as the entire ocean.

(As you may have picked up, emptiness begs fullness and fullness begs emptiness)

In my typical fashion, I'd say that there is also a possibility of experiencing both paths at once, although this is less understood outside of my own intuitions.

While both paths may look radically different in practice, one path is not better or worse than the other. The important thing to note is that you are on one of these paths whether you realize it or not.

And so the process of "figuring life out" is ultimately a process of coming to realize that there was nothing to figure out in the first place because all paths lead to GOD eventually (or eternally if perceiving outside the construct of time-space).

But some of us choose to let go of all ideas to realize the ONE idea (negativa), while others choose to experience all idea possibilities to realize that they are all part of the ONE idea (positiva).

When you can consciously choose a path, you can consciously choose the ideas and experiences you in-form to allow/create your own version of the individual evolving back into the indivisible.

Happy dreaming,

With love,


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