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Turning Information Into Experience

Information is just information.

No information is inherently good or bad in itself. It just depends on the intention behind the information and how we choose to interpret it.

News is just news. The only difference between "good" news and "bad" news is again the intent and the way it's interpreted.

I bring up this point because many us live in bubbles of our own confirmation bias -- meaning that (consciously or subconsciously) we only seek out information that confirms what we already believe. And if we come across the same information enough times from enough sources, we assume it to be truth. If you combine this with a cultivated sense of fear, chaos, and uncertainty, you've got the perfect recipe for brainwashing on a mass scale.

Pay attention and you'll quickly see what I mean.

This is important because it showcases the power of ideas to become reality. On one level, everything in existence existed first as an idea -- a potential. On another level, virtually every material thing you own started out as someone's idea that then become a tangible reality.

Which begs the question: do we create ideas or do ideas create us?

I won't attempt to answer that now, but I will say that we all hold this power to turn ideas into reality, to put information in-formation. This is already happening through the expression of your genes into your physical structure.

With that power comes great responsibility. The ideas that you continue to hold and put energy into eventually come to exist in your physical experience. And with so many of us claiming not be having the greatest experience in one way or another, it's a wonder what kinds of ideas we're continuing to hold on to.

The reason I study so much is not to gain a bunch of information I can regurgitate to sound smart. Rather, it's to expose myself to as many ideas as possible so that I can gain more and more freedom to choose the ideas that I feel will allow me to create the best experience of life.

But we often hold ourselves back if we're not willing to expose ourselves to ideas that go against our current believes.

So my invitation for you is to explore everything that interests you, yet become attached to none of it. Become aware of the ideas that are no longer serving you and see if there's a way to change, modify, or upgrade your current story to match what it is you truly want out of life.

Here's an easy one:

Is life happening to you or is it happening for you?

Either way you answer that question, you're right. One word has the power to change your entire life.

Remember: words are just symbols, just information; and information isn't inherently good or bad.

You get to choose the ideas/beliefs you take on, even though some ideas are so deeply rooted in our subconscious that we don't even think to question them.

I say question everything. Better questions lead to better ideas. Better ideas lead to a better life.

This is the power of information.

Happy Dreaming,

With Love,


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