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Using Gratitude To Get Results In Advance

We all know how important and powerful it is to express gratitude.

You can't be afraid and grateful at the same time.

You can't be angry and grateful at the same time.

Often the things we're grateful for are things that have already happened in the past or are happening right now in the present.

This is great and can be a powerful tool to reorient you back into the present moment. But what if you used that same power to be grateful for something that hasn't happened yet? What if you can be grateful for the future?

Most of the time we talk about our goals as if they're something that's off at a distance far away. And if we keep talking about them that way they tend to stay there.

What if you talked about your goals as if you already achieved them?

What if you put yourself in that position and allowed yourself to feel what it feels like to already be living your dream life?

What if you felt that sense of gratitude as if it's already happening?

This is how you get results in advance.

Not only will you be calling this future in because you're making a declaration that it's already a reality through your expression of gratitude; but you'll also get the added benefit of feeling how good it feels to be where you're envisioning yourself to be.

The reason we strive towards goals is not so much the tangible thing we're going to get, but of how we imagine we're going to feel when we get it.

You can make the choice to feel that way right now. You don't have to wait to receive that blessing.

My invitation for you is to get super clear on what you want in your life and then practice expressing the gratitude you'd have as if it is already a reality.

Happy Thanksgiving! I hope you have an amazing day.

Talk soon,


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