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What's The Best Thing To Do When Faced With Uncertainty?

What do you do when faced with uncertainty in your life?

Do you continue to go round and round the circle of thoughts in you mind about all the things you're uncertain about?

Or do you realize that you're never going to have all the information and you're not going to be able to control the future?

Regardless of where you sit with either of those questions, the point is that nothing in your external environment immediately changes based on how you answered them.

The only thing that changes is your focus -- where you're choosing to point your attention (at-tension).

And what you choose to focus on changes your experience.

The best part is that what you choose to focus on is completely within your control.

You see, your focus is something you can be completely certain of.

So the only way to face the uncertainty is to focus on the things you can be certain about.

As much as we may fear uncertainty, certainty could not exist without it. Just as hot has no meaning without cold.

The truth is that both are needed to have this experience we call being human.

So the goal is not to get rid of one for the other, but to practice focusing on the things you do have control over with awareness that there will always be things outside of that control. And that's OKAY.

When you realize this it allows you to surrender to your experience without feeling like you have to control every single outcome of your life; knowing that you're doing the best you can do with the things that you can control.

This is the ultimate freedom.

You are ("I AM") free to surrender. [A mantra for you.]

Talk soon,


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