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Your Biggest Challenge is Your Greatest Opportunity

In my personal conception, I believe that our souls choose to come into this life to create a certain experience that provides the greatest opportunity to further its growth and evolution towards coming to remember itself as one with the Divine or ALL THAT IS.

And just in the same way we grow and develop our physical body by intentionally challenging it -- like working out at the gym -- our soul grows its experience by challenging itself with different life circumstances.

Sometimes that shows up as a dis-ease or chronic illness, sometimes as a challenging relationship(s), sometimes as an initiation into a bigger life purpose, sometimes as mental/emotional imbalances, and sometimes as just being in the wrong place at the wrong time (sometimes all the above).

Either way, this manifests as pain in some form -- physical, mental, emotional, and/or spiritual. Most of us have been conditioned to run away from pain or do our best to manage it without actually addressing the root cause. This is all okay, except that when we disengage from our challenges we also disengage from the growth opportunity that is seeded within them.

And in my experience, the greater the pain is, the more you are being called to engage with it to discover the treasures lying within.

But we all have been blessed with the faculty of free-will that allows us to make choices that may be misaligned from our soul's chosen path. (Free-will is what upholds the veil of illusion that allows us to pretend to be separate). Because of this we can choose to run away from the pain, distract ourselves from it, numb ourselves, victimize ourselves, make excuses, and ultimately tell ourselves stories (or blindly believe those that have been programmed into us) that provide us the permission to disengage from the very opportunities that are there to help us become all that we have the potential to be.

Change is scary. Uncertainty is uncomfortable. The ego (the idea-complex that allows you to uphold your sense of self and the illusion of separation) loves to keep things exactly as they are, even if that means keeping you in the same cycle of pain and disengagement. In other words, sometimes we can become so comfortable in our discomfort that it seems more uncomfortable to change than it does to remain the same.

So my question is:

What's holding you back from being all that you have the potential to be?

As a great shaman once said, "There are only two ways to heal: now or later?"

Cycles circle til you leave them.

What's the cost of change?

What's the cost of staying the same?

You always have a choice.

When you heal yourself, you transform your entire past and your entire future. And you heal the part of yourself that is present in everyone else. And you act as a source of inspiration that ripples to everyone you connect with.

Always with love,


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