Effective Use of Mind to Heal From Injury

Healing begins and ends with the mind.

Your mind is your greatest tool or your worst enemy depending on how you choose to use it (or let it use you).

Most people don’t appreciate how powerful their thoughts and beliefs are. They’ve been conditioned to accept things the way they were told things should be, not realizing that at some point some peoples decided that they were going to start seeing/doing things that way (study the histories of religion, science, and medicine).

How you view determines what you see.

The entire Universe is a product of Mind in-forming energy through thought to create what we perceive to be a physical reality.

If I choose to view this injury as a major setback that’s going to take months to recover from and ruin the progress I’ve made, that’s what I’m going to see.

If I choose to view this injury as a gift that has presented itself to allow me to increase my level of awareness so that I can become a better conductor of cosmic energy and therefore aid in the unfolding of the remembrance of what I am and the evolution of who I have the potential to become…this is what I see.

This is GOD’s power that we all possess being Gods of GOD.

I choose to view the potential of a happy, healthy, fully functional body that allows me to have this grand experience of being human.

I choose to view 163kg on the bar being performed with perfect execution.

Your Dream moves towards you at the same speed and intensity you move towards it.


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