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Your technique isn't the only thing holding you back...

Learn how to lift, eat, and think like a champion

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- Fix your technique to lift more weight

- Recover faster

- Enhance your performance naturally

- Learn the mindset of a champion

- Address common mistakes that lead to injury

- Meet new gym friends

- Learn the system to put it all together for continual progress


Improve your clean & jerk without even touching a barbell

We're not only going to break down your technique. All attendees will complete a nutrition & lifestyle assessment to see what areas might be hampering your recovery & performance. We will then provide the education & practical tools you need to restore balance in your body & mind.

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Here's the breakdown of our day:

10:50 AM - Doors open
11:00 AM - Introduction & Overview
11:30 AM - Nutrition & Lifestyle Principles
12:00 PM - Clean & Jerk Theory

12:30 PM - Warm-up & Technique Breakdown
1:30 PM - Work-up & Integration
2:30 PM - Programming Basics & Putting it all together
3:00 PM - Q&A
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Thanks for registering to our event! Look out for an email that includes you pre-event assessment.

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